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[audio]Episode #130: Offline - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
This episode is offline.
Keywords: agroinnovations; podcast; agriculture; permaculture; holistic management
Downloads: 2,383
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #121: Offline - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
This episode is offline.
Downloads: 2,197
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #103: P.A. Yeomans and The Bunyip Slipperimp with Shakerator - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode I play an interview from 1979 with keyline pioneer P.A. Yeomans. This interview was conducted by Bruce Hedge, Geoff Booth, and Phill Gall of 3CR Melbourne Radio. P.A. Yeomans died in 1984, several years after this interview was conducted. Topics of discussion include the invention and utility of the key-line plow, strategies for building top soil, water at the center of land planning, intercropping of cereals and legumes, the fundamentals of keyline design, and forest ecosystems ...
Keywords: keyline; agroinnovations; permaculture; yeomans; water; soil
Downloads: 2,128
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #98: Pasture Cropping - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode we are joined by Colin Seis, an Australian farmer who has invented a new way to grow annual cereal crops. Pasture cropping, as it is called, involves the direct seeding of annual crops into perennial pastures that are grazed at high densities prior to sowing. Colin relates to us what he has learned over the course of a decade of experiential learning with pasture cropping, including how it is done, the economic benefits, and the improvements in soil health and biodiversity that r...
Keywords: pasture cropping; colin seis; agriculture; australia; holistic management; sheep
Downloads: 2,145
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #67: Reinventing Education -- Permaculture and Transformational Learning - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode, I am joined by Nelson Lebo, organic farmer, teacher, and Ph.D. candidate in education. Nelson and I discuss today's crisis in education, and we reframe the debate towards one where permaculture becomes the lynch pin in a strategy to promote personal transformation through hands-on science education. Issues like Peak Oil and climate change are also addressed.
Keywords: Peak Oil; agroinnovations; climate change; education; permaculture; science
Downloads: 1,818
[audio]Agroinnovations Pocast: Local Currencies and the Berkshares Program - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
Local currencies are a key pillar in the sustainability movement. In this interview with Sarah Hearn of the E.F. Schumacher society, we talk about the Berkshares program, a local currency in Berkshire MA that has met with great success.
Keywords: local currency; Berkshire; Berkshares; sustainability
Downloads: 1,518
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #83: The Landman Report Card - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
Today we are joined by Christina Xu of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ExtrACT Group, a co-creator of the Landman Report Card. The Landman Report Card provides tools to learn about landmen and their mineral companies through reading reviews submitted by users. It also allows users to submit their own report cards, contact other users and use the site as their own private diary of interactions with this industry...
Keywords: landman report card; landman; oil; natural gas; MIT; agroinnovations
Downloads: 1,154
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast: Rex Dufour on Biodiversity - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
Entomologist Rex Dufour discusses the importance of agricultural biodiversity in the control of insect pests.
Keywords: agriculture; sustainability; appropriate technology; entomology
Downloads: 2,172
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #75: A 21st Century Anarchist - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode, I interview Doug Lain of the Diet Soap podcast. Doug and I discuss some of the intellectual roots of socialist anarchism, Paris in 1968, Silent Revolution, and Psycho-Geography.
Keywords: agroinnovations podcast; doug lain; diet soap; anarchism; anarchy; socialism
Downloads: 1,242
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #77: CREAR with Mark Feedman - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
Mark Feedman is the founder of CREAR, the Regional Center for the Study of Rural Alternatives, a small agricultural school located in the northern mountains of the Dominican Republic, near the Haitian border. Feedman has been an tireless advocate of sustainable agriculture for 40 years, and in this interview he recounts his struggle to create an educational center in the remote forests of Hispaniola...
Keywords: CREAR; Hispaniola; Dominican Republic; Haiti; agriculture; soil conversation; tropical agriculture
Downloads: 1,264
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #76: Appropedia Revisited - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode of the podcast, I speak with Chris Watkins of Appropedia.org. We start off by reviewing some of the highlights of Chris' 18 month trip around the globe meeting other Open Source Appropriate Technology (OSAT) pioneers, and then we move on the discuss the utility of Appropedia, its growth, its role in connecting and building communities, differences between OSAT and Free Software, and how to get more people involved in OSAT.
Keywords: OSAT; open source; appropriate technology; appropedia
Downloads: 1,269
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #92: Holistic Grazing Research - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
Today we are joined by Dr. Keith Weber, the GIS Director at Idaho State University. Dr. Weber has done research of ecosystem responses to grazing, animal impact, and total rest. This research provides key insights into the relationship between grazing animals and range health. He has also done extensive research on the use of GIS and remote sensing technologies as tools for monitoring rangelands. In this interview we discuss the context, methods, and results of the OâNeal grazing research, a mu...
Keywords: holistic management; grazing; rangelands; idaho; research; science; agroinnovations
Downloads: 1,626
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast: Mobile Pyrolysis with Agritherm's Ron Golden - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
Ron Golden gives us the break down on Agritherm's mobile pyrolysis technology. Pyrolysis is an ancient technology that is being upgraded for the distributed energy economy of the 21st century, and Agritherm is on the frontlines of this transformation. From bio-oil to char, fast pyrolysis produces a number of outputs, all the while being carbon neutral and opening a whole new range of possibilities in agricultural residue management.
Keywords: pyrolysis; agri-therm; agroinnovations; mobile pyrolysis; Ron Golden
Downloads: 2,115
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast: Fair Trade Roundtable - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
Today we host a roundtable discussion between Demian Luper of Transfair USA and Matt Early of Just Coffee. The debate centers around the value of certification, the current state of the Fair Trade standards, and accusationns lack of transparency and "greenwashing". This is a great debate, so please have a listen.
Keywords: agriculture; sustainability; coffee; Fair Trade; Just Coffee; Transfair USA
Downloads: 2,444
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #104: Discovering Keyline - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
This episode is the second installment in the series featuring keyline pioneer P.A. Yeomans. These interviews were conducted in 1979 by Bruce Hedge, Geoff Booth, and Phill Gall of 3CR Melbourne Radio. P.A. Yeomans died in 1984. Topics of discussion include the slow adoption of keyline in Australia, the energy crisis of the 1970âs, Yeomans motivation for discovering keyline, the process of discovery, and the use of Nature as a model for design...
Keywords: keyline; agroinnovations; permaculture; yeomans; water; soil
Downloads: 2,070
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #122: Inadvertently Organic - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
Rancher and Holistic Management Practitioner Walt Davis joins us to talk about his transition from a high, input technology intensive cattle rancher to an observation-based, ecological holistic manager. Topics of discussion include the economics of input-intensive agriculture, controlling parasites through observation and management, techniques for gauging animal health and performance, and attempts to develop software for grazing planning.
Keywords: holistic management; agroinnovations; podcast; walt davis; oklahoma; ranching; agriculture
Downloads: 3,612
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #100: Regenerative Permaculture - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this 100th episode of the Agroinnovations Podcast we are joined by Darren Doherty, a permaculture designer and consultant who is an expert in keyline design, broadacre permaculture, and agroforestry. Topics of discussion include Australia as a source of innovation in agriculture, regenerative vs. sustainable agriculture, the life and work of P.A. Yeomans, the keyline orders or permanence, open source agricultural implements, and the Spanish Dehesa as a model for broadacre permaculture...
Keywords: Australia; darren doherty; agroinnovations; permaculture; regenerative; sustainable; keyline; Yeomans; open source
Downloads: 2,959
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast: Conserving Biocultural Diversity with Luisa Maffi (Part II) - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In Part II of our interview with Luisa Maffi, we discuss the process of language shift, language conservation, and how our values are reflected in our attitudes towards languages, especially those languages that are in danger of being lost.
Keywords: Luisa Maffi; biocultural diversity; linguistic diversity; languages; terralingua; agroinnovations
Downloads: 1,302
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #124: Back in the Saddle - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
The Agroinnovations Podcast is back after a hiatus of several weeks. I begin by sharing an article by Tara Lohan entitled Vision: How Small, Mostly Conservative Towns Have Found the Trick to Defeating Corporations. I then continue by sharing listner comments, and conclude by sharing another article by Jill Richardson about farm subsidies and the 2012 Farm Bill.
Keywords: farm subsidies; corporations; agroinnovations; localism
Downloads: 3,108
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #116: A Conservationist Manifesto - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
We are joined by Scott Russell Sanders, who is an author and conservationist, and has written many books, including Hunting For Hope and A Conservationist Manifesto. Topics of discussion include Aldo Leopold, Noah's Ark as a metaphor for modern catastrophe, the quiet achievements of conservationists, and the difference between hope and optimism. Part one of two.
Keywords: conservation; hope; aldo leopold; literature; biodiversity
Downloads: 1,195
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast: Monte Skarsgard, CSA, and Democracy - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this interview we talk to Farmer Monte Skarsgard of Los Poblanos Organic Farm, located in our home community of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Monte tells us about the his CSA, its successes and challenges, and why CSA makes our society more democratic.
Keywords: agriculture; sustainability; Community Supported Agriculture; Los Poblanos
Downloads: 2,213
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast: The Real Dirt on Farmer John - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
We interview John Peterson, the focus of the new documentary film The Real Dirt on Farmer John. Farmer John tells us how Community Supported Agriculture ressurected his farm.
Keywords: agriculture; sustainability; Community Supported Agriculture; documentary film
Downloads: 2,465
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast: Appropriate Technology with Professor Anil Gupta - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode, we speak with Professor Anil Gupta of the Honey Bee Network. Professor Gupta a true visionary in the field of appropriate technology and he has dedicated his life to furthering the cause of rural innovators and their inventions. According to Dr. Gupta, rural innovators are solving problems at such a low cost, that we can no longer afford to ignore their hard work and creativity. His approach presents us with a new model of rural and market development that must be implemented if...
Keywords: agroinnovations podcast; appropriate technology; rural innovation; India; Honeybee Network
Downloads: 1,594
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast: Linguistic Diversity with Luisa Maffi (Part I) - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
Luisa Maffi is the Director of Terralingua, an organization dedicated to the conservation of the world's biocultural and linguistic diversity. In Part I of this two part series, Dr. Maffi explains the goals and purpose of Terralingua, and then paints a picture of crisis and extinction for our world's languages. The relationships between language, culture, and biodiversity are profound and poorly understood, and Dr...
Keywords: Terralingua; Luisa Maffi; Agroinnovations Podcast; linguistic diversity; biocultural diversity; extinction
Downloads: 1,421
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #51: LEISA Network with Frank van Schoubroeck - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode I am joined by Frank van Schoubroeck of the Center for Information on Low External Inputs and Sustainable Agriculture (LEISA). Frank and I discuss the Center and it's important magazine work, innovative farmers and their struggles, and the role of global development institutions in fostering innovation in agriculture.
Keywords: agroinnovations podcast; LEISA; innovation; development; Third World
Downloads: 1,355
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast: Reprap Part II - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
Part II of my interview with Adrian Bowyer deals with two aspects of the reprap project: the global economic implications of distributed fabrication and practical tips for getting Reprap out there in as many hands as possible. Other issues, like economic collapse and Peak Oil are also addressed.
Keywords: Adrian Bowyer; Reprap; open source; appropriate technology; Agroinnovations Podcast
Downloads: 2,016
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #50: Carbon Offsets with Dale Enerson - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
Dale Enerson is the Director of the National Carbon Credit program of the National Farmer's Union. In this interview, Dale and I talk about agricultural carbon offsets, what they are and how they work, the dynamics of the carbon market, and the potential of agricultural offsets to mitigate the effects of global climate change.
Keywords: global warming; climate change; soil carbon; carbon offsets; agriculture; Agroinnovations Podcast
Downloads: 1,327
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #61: The Essence of Flowers with Marisha Auerbach - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode of the podcast, I interview Marisha Auerbach of hernwisdom.com. Marisha and I discuss edible flowers, the preparation and use of flower essences, and the importance of sustainable forest management.
Keywords: flowers; herbs; edible flowers; floral essence; Agroinnovations Podcast
Downloads: 1,444
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #63: The Coalition of Imokalee Workers with Gerardo Reyes (Part I) - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode, I speak with Gerardo Reyes of the Coalition of Imokalee Workers. Gerardo and I discuss the history of agricultural labor in the United States, the current state of workers in Florida and elsewhere, and Gerardo gives us a breakdown of a typical day for an agricultural field worker in the United States.
Keywords: labor; unions; workers rights; agriculture; agroinnovations podcast; justice; food
Downloads: 1,251
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #112: Planned, Rotational Grazing - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
We are joined by Dr. Richard Teague of Texas A&Mâs Agrilife Research Center. Dr. Teague joined me for an interview at the Quiviria Coalition Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico in November of 2010. Topics of discussion include rotational vs. continuous grazing, rotational grazing as a strategy for maximizing profitability, the key indicators for land health on rangelands, managing recovery periods in grazing systems, fire as a tool to control brush invasion, and the importance of grazing anim...
Keywords: rotational grazing; rangelands; research; holistic management
Downloads: 2,161
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #68: A Forest Journey with John Perlin - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode of the podcast, I welcome back the topic of Peak Wood and John Perlin's excellent book "A Forest Journey". This time John Perlin himself joins me to talk about his book and it's many facets. Topics of discussion include the role of wood in civilization, our perceptions of forests through history, the relationship between forests and language, and the parallels between Peak Wood and Peak Oil.
Keywords: Peak Oil; Peak Wood; forests; history; agroinnovations; civilization; John Perlin
Downloads: 1,656
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast: Paul Stamets and Mycelium Running - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this second part of a two part series, Paul Stamets tells us how mushrooms can indeed help save the world. From remedies for small pox, to revolutionary biological pesticides, and the remediation of toxic wastes, Paul articulates a vision built on the five pillars of mycorestoration.
Keywords: mycology; Paul Stamets; mycorestoration; mushrooms; Mycelium Running
Downloads: 3,658
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #101: Permaculture on the Fly - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode we are joined once again by Darren Doherty, permaculture designer and consultant, for the second half of a two part interview. We spend a good deal of time discussing a series of spreadsheets Darren has developed as part of his consultancy. These spreadsheets are tools available on Darrenâs website that can be used to further increase the permaculture communityâs capacity to develop and implement effective projects...
Keywords: Australia; darren doherty; agroinnovations; permaculture; regenerative; open source
Downloads: 2,288
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #79: The Black Soldier Fly Part II - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In the second part of my interview with Jerry from blacksoldierflyblog.com, we discuss use of BSF for decomposing manures, including human manure, the quality and volume of compost produced, fly larva as the primary product of BSF composting, and BSF with California Red Worms. Also, I read listener emails and comments at the end of the show.
Keywords: agroinnovations podcast; black soldier fly; insects; composting; gardening; chickens
Downloads: 1,775
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast 131: Spiral Ridge Permaculture - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
Frank is joined by Cliff Davis of Spiral Ridge Permaculture. Cliff begins by breaking down the natural history, forest composition, soil types, and topography of his permaculture farm in central Tennessee. The topic then shifts to permacultural strategies for success in this challenging environment, and concludes with a discussion of the political challenges of a establishing a permanent culture in a damaged society.
Keywords: agroinnovations; podcast; agriculture; permaculture; tennessee
Downloads: 6,872
[audio]Introduction to Coffee: Interview / Patrick Stewart - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
On our first episode dealing with coffee and Fair Trade, we speak with Patrick Stewart, Marketing Director for Greenwell Farms/Kona Coffee. Patrick takes us through the life cycle of the coffee bean, and breaks down some of the basics of the coffee supply chain for us. We also discuss Fair Trade, and the future of the coffee industry.
Keywords: coffee; Fair Trade; Kona; Patrick Stewart
Downloads: 2,288
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #113: Temperate Rice Permaculture - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode of the podcast we are joined once again by permaculture designer and entrepreneur Ben Falk. Ben joined me to talk about his experiments with growing rice in paddies in the temperate climate of Vermont. Topics of discussion include the rationale for working with rice, rice as a hydroponic nutrient management system, the role of animals in rice production, the advantages of using cheap oil to build rice terraces, the potential for tree crops, and the challenges of processing rice a...
Keywords: rice; permaculture; vermont; agroinnovations; whole systems
Downloads: 2,536
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #107: Recipe for America - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
On this episode of the podcast we are joined by Jill Richardson. Jill is a journalist, author and blogger who writes for the blog La Vida Locavore and also for the news site alternet.org. In this interview we discuss Cuba as an example of a post-peak agricultural society, the propaganda of the GMO seed companies, the corporate push to approve genetically modified salmon, the Green Revolution in Mexico, and how to fix our broken food system.
Keywords: cuba; gmo; salmon; mexico; food; agriculture; journalism
Downloads: 1,877
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #97: Towards Holistic Research - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode we are joined by Josh Egenolf, who is a Ph.d. candidate with the Odum School of Ecology, which is part of the University of Georgia. Josh is currently developing a research proposal that will evaluate the relationships between management typologies and sustainability indicators. His approach is a participatory one that will directly involve producers from the Indiana Beef Alliance, and will be looking at how Holistic Management practitioners make decisions...
Keywords: agroinnovations; holistic research; holistic management; sustainability; participatory research; farm research
Downloads: 1,644
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #90: Holistic Management Down Under - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
This episode of the Agroinnovations Podcast is the first in the Holistic Management series. The Holistic Management Series of the Agroinnovations Podcast deals with issues related to holistic management (HM), with a special focus on areas related to research, data, and documentation. You can learn more about Holistic Management by visiting the website of Holistic Management International at http://holisticmanagement.org...
Keywords: holistic management; grazing; rangelands; australia; research; science; agroinnovations
Downloads: 1,738
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #87: The Small-Mart Revolution (Part II) - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In part II of my interview with author Michael Shuman, we discuss strategies for buying local, the prospects and possibilities for relocalizing capital markets, opportunities for local entrepreneurs, strategies for policy making, and how globalization is made stronger by relocalization.
Keywords: economics; economic development; small-mart; small business
Downloads: 1,322
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #123: Vocational Permaculture - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
We are joined by Robyn Francis of the Permaculture College of Australia. The conversation begins with a breakdown of how permaculture has become a certified vocation in Australia. We then discuss the curriculum at the Permaculture College, the process of certification, the job market for graduates, local government in Australia embracing permaculture, obstacles to adoption in the United States, and strategies for accelerating the process in local communities.
Keywords: permaculture; vocational training; gardening; natural resources; Australia
Downloads: 4,000
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #127: Peak Moment Television - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
Frank Aragona is joined by Janaia Donaldson, host and producer of Peak Moment Television. Topics of discussion include the production of Peak Moment TV, geodesic domes in Colorado, the strengths and weaknesses of the relocalization movement, Peak Oil as a marginal idea in American society, relocalization as an apolitical phenomenon, and the future of Peak Moment TV.
Keywords: peak oil; permaculture; politics; relocalization; transition
Downloads: 3,454
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #74: The Edible Acre Project - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode we continue with the theme of school gardens and farms. I am joined by Debbie Hillman of the Edible Acre Project, a project in a suburb just outside of Chicago Illinois. Debbie discusses the origins and implementation of the project, the role of a the farm/garden in education, and practical strategies for those looking to develop similar projects in their communities.
Keywords: school-garden; education; gardening; agroinnovations
Downloads: 1,210
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast: Open Farm Tech with Marcin Jakubowski - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this interview with Marcin Jakubowski of www.openfarmtech.org, we revisit the issue of Open Source Appropriate Technology. Like many of the OSAT visionaries, Marcin has a technological vision that will shatter the current order and bring us greater freedom, autonomy and independence. Have a listen to learn more about what he is doing to bring this about.
Keywords: open source; appropriate technology; open farm tech; permaculture; Fab Lab
Downloads: 2,087
[unknown]GIS Data: Municipal Boundaries of Bolivia - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
This is a shape file of the entire country of Bolivia, delineating municipal boundaries. Other information includes, per municipality, population by women, men, and total number of households. The data is current from the 2000 census. Esto es un archivo shape para el pais entero de Bolivia, lo cual delinea limites municipales. Otra informacion incluye, por municipalidad, poblacion de mujeres, hombres, y total numero de viviendas.
Keywords: bolivia; gis; municipalities
Downloads: 420
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #69: Transition Culture with Rob Hopkins - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode, I am joined by Rob Hopkins of transitionculture.org. We discuss the origins of the transition movement and its practical application as a grassroots community organizing strategy. Rob shares with us some potential pitfalls, and we also discuss the differences between collapse and energy descent. This is part I in a two part interview.
Keywords: rob hopkins; transition culture; agroinnovations; podcast; permaculture
Downloads: 2,019
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #73: Felder School Farm - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
This episode we welcome Ragan Sutterfeld of Felder School Farm, a school farm located in Little Rock Arkansas that is pioneering the way to get agriculture into our country's schools. Topics of discussion include barriers to adoption, the agricultural calendar vs. the educational calendar, and agriculture in education. This idea can be summarized in five words: Turn the Schools into Farms. Now, let's go out there and make it a reality.
Keywords: agroinnovations; agriculture; school farm; agricultural education; education
Downloads: 1,317
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast #109: The Gardeners of Eden - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
This interview is a follow-up to an audio visual presentation narrated by author Dan Dagget. Dan is an author, journalist, environmentalist, and ecosystem restorer. He has written the books Beyond the Rangeland Conflict and The Gardeners of Eden. Topics of discussion include the differences between goals and issues, Holistic Management as a goal directed management process, the use of cattle as a tool to heal and restore the land, the shortcomings of research science in goal directed management,...
Keywords: holistc management; cattle; livestock; dan dagget; keystone species; rangeland; enviromentalism
Downloads: 2,022
[audio]Agroinnovations Podcast: Permaculture Design with Bill Mollison - Agricultural Innovations Inc.
In this episode of the Agroinnovations Podcast, we speak with founder of permaculture Bill Mollison. Bill tells us how permaculture came about, how to conserve water and soil, and a number of other things straight from the mind of this visionary pioneer.
Keywords: permaculture; Bill Mollison; sustainability; agriculture; water; soil
Downloads: 4,972
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